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Saffron Usage Tips

Experts recommend incorporating a safe amount of this spice into your diet.

Saffron is a key ingredient in various drinks and foods. We’ve compiled a list of these items and how to use saffron in them.

Usage methods vary by region. While a common approach involves brewing it in hot or cold water before adding it to recipes, there are numerous other ways to use this golden spice.

Here are some top beverages and foods that can include saffron.


You can add or brew saffron (ground or threads) into any hot or cold drink, or simply mix it with water. This article includes recipes for recommended beverages.

Saffron Tea

There are several ways to make saffron tea. One method involves adding a pinch of ground saffron or 2-3 threads to boiling mineral water, letting it sit for 3-4 minutes.

The other method involves adding the spice to ice cubes, letting it brew, and then adding the mixture to hot water. This tea can also be served cold.

You can also add ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, lemon, honey or ginger to this tea.


Saffron is an essential ingredient in many dishes around the world. We’ve listed out some popular recipes utilizing saffron.

Saffron Rice

There are different saffron rice recipes. For example, the Iranian Morasaa Polo utilizes saffron in its preparation.

Saffron Chicken

To make saffron chicken, a mixture of yogurt, chopped onion, turmeric, salt, cinnamon, lemon or lemon juice, pepper, and brewed saffron is used to marinate the chicken pieces before cooking.

Saffron Fish

Saffron can be utilized in various ways with fish, including as part of a spice mixture for frying or roasting, or in a famous seafood soup called Bailobae.


Saffron adds exotic color, fragrant aroma and great flavour to desserts.

Saffron Cake

You can brew saffron in milk or water and add it to your cake recipes.

Saffron Ice Cream

Adding saffron powder to hot milk and then using the cooled milk to make ice cream produces a light fragrant yellow ice cream.

Saffron Pudding

Brewing saffron in milk and using this spicy milk in your pudding recipe adds its characteristic flavor.


There are myriad ways to incorporate saffron into your diet. The experts recommend daily usage, and the choice of how to use saffron is ultimately yours.

Use it in your own way. If you don’t like the existing recipes, create your own. Share your best methods with us!

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