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Types of saffron to buy online

super negin

Super Negin saffron is a unique type. This type has a specific appearance that if you used saffron regularly you can recognize the high-quality ones.


Negin saffron is one of the best types and it has 3 different shapes. Based on these shapes, 3 categories are named as different kinds of Negin. All these kinds are premium quality. The most famous Negin type is called Super Negin.


One of the most favorite saffron types is called Pushal. Due to its shape, the fraud is less than other types in Pushal saffron. That is why this type is more popular.


When we separate the parts that were broken during the drying process, of high quality saffron like Negin and Super Negin, we grind them to make the highest quality of saffron powder.

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Recipes & Drinks

The golden spice has many uses and health benefits, if you are wondering what you can make with saffron today! we have you covered…

Oraganic & Natural Products EXPO DUBAI 2023

Following our 2022 presence, Ghaaneh Brand as the official representative of this company in Dubai, had the honor to participate in the Expo of organic and natural products in Dubai and serve customers.

vahid epagloo ceo of ghaaneh saffron
Vahid Epagloo CEO of Ghaaneh Saffron
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