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saffron prices in Iran

saffron in iran

In 2019 Iran shipped 327 tonnes of saffron. In 2019 alone, the market for Iran saffron (herbs and spices category) has gone up, recording a change of 16.786 pc compared to the year 2018. Between 2017 and 2019, saffron’s exports grew by 38.56 pc earning Iran US$103.11m for the year 2019. Iran’s saffron exports are categorised as:

  • Saffron (HS code 091020)
saffron prices in Ghana

saffron in ghana

You can buy saffron in bulk or retail. Usually, industries and restaurants buy this expensive spice in bulk. Saffron has cheaper price in bulk than the retail. If you want to pay less, you can buy the saffron that you would use during a year once and wholesale. Fortunately, saffron has a great shelf life, if you store it in the desired conditions. These conditions are not hard. Keep your saffron in an airtight container in a dark, cold, and dry place. It is better to choose a metal or glass airtight container.

You can find saffron in Ghana in 2024 and buy if for the price range of 45,200 to 47, 670 GHS per kilogram for wholesale. Also, you can buy this luxurious spice for the price range of 144 GHS to 500 GHS in retail.

saffron in panamasora

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